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•Psychotherapy calls for a very active effort on both your child and your parts. It is my belief that every family has the innate ability to develop solutions. It is my intention to guide and assist you in attaining the solution.

•A free initial phone consultation is provided to determine your needs and provide you an opportunity to ask questions.

•For the first visit, families will need to complete initial paper work. Initial paper work includes some personal information, office policies and confidentiality procedures.

•Sessions are typically scheduled to occur one time per week at the same time and day if possible. I may suggest a different amount of therapy depending on the nature and severity of your child’s concerns.

•Our first few sessions will involve an evaluation of your child’s needs. The assessment process may include:                                                                                                     –Completion of forms/questionnaires                                                                             –Psychological and/or developmental assessments                                                        –Parent interviews with or without your child present, as indicated                                    –Observation of your child in multiple settings (office, home, school, and/or daycare)           –Consultation with other providers                                                                                  –Review of available records

•Based upon the information that you provide to me and the specifics of your child’s situation, I will provide recommendations regarding your child’s treatment. I believe that therapists and clients are partners in the therapeutic process. Therefore, I will work with your family collaboratively to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for your child. There are many different methods I may use to deal with the problems that you hope to address. Some of these methods include:                                                                      –Child Centered Play Therapy                                                                                       –Filial Play Therapy                                                                                                      –Family psychotherapy                                                                                                 –Psycho-Education                                                                                                       –Information and Referral                                                                                               –Consultation with other providers

•The length of your child’s treatment will depend on the specifics of your child’s treatment plan and the progress he/she has achieved.