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Elizabeth presents to MOPS groups, MOMS Clubs, and various other parenting groups in the community. Presentations can be molded to fit the needs of your group. Below are just a few available topics: 

Parenting with Play - This presentation focuses on being playful with your children and enjoying your most important job as a parent! Parents will learn how to incorporate play into their daily lives and enhance their connection with their children. By joining children in their world of play and following their child's lead, parents can use play as teaching, setting limits, promoting healthy development, and most important spending quality time with their children.  

  This presentation reviews:
• How important play is
• How to effectively play with your child
• Appropriate developmental expectations and the developmental stages of play
• How to foster a healthy, positive parent-child relationship
• Specific strategies for how to respond to challenging behavior

Promoting Early Childhood Development - This presentation focuses on how parents can promote healthy development in young children and what to do if there are concerns. The importance of regular developmental screenings as an essential part of maintaining a young child’s healthy development will be emphasized. OPTIONAL: Parents can receive a free developmental screening for their child, including motor, communication, social, and thinking skills. 

Coping with Stress at the Holidays - This presentation focuses on how both parents and children can cope with the stress associated with the holiday season. Practical tips are included.

MomEmotions - This presentation focuses on how parental emotions impact young children, how to cope with the daily roller coaster of motherhood, and how to identify when professional help is needed.